Intangible assets play a significant and growing role in all areas of the economy. However, very few firms have developed expertise at the intersection of intangible assets and corporate finance. This is especially true in the provision of advisory services to stakeholders in distressed situations.

While Streambank works with healthy firms on issues such as leverage, strategy, and growth, we also provide appraisal and disposition services to firms facing difficult times. Streambank's suite of services is designed to bring the right people and the right expertise to bear in order to maximize value, whatever the situation.


Good decision–making requires good data. Streambank's years of transactional experience with distressed situations give us unique and relevant insights. Our appraisal process is designed to provide lenders with an accurate recovery estimate under a variety of disposition scenarios. Not only do we provide guidance on likely recoveries, but we also provide a time line and cost estimate that enable stakeholders to make well–informed decisions in the shortest time possible.

Intangible assets represent a class of strategic assets that are increasingly being held in esteem by their owners, coveted by competitors, and secured by lenders. Streambank combines years of intangible asset valuation with significant distressed transaction expertise, resulting in the best available market data and industry knowledge.

Streambank provides a liquidation roadmap and collateral monitoring suggestions with each appraisal. Streambank creates comfort. Learn more.


As intangible assets play an increasingly powerful role in firms' balance sheets, they become even more important during wind–downs and liquidations. Streambank understands this and knows how to market intangible asset portfolios across a variety of industries, from brand assets, including product and store names, to patents and applications. We combine our understanding of how to run a successful disposition project with our network of technical professionals who provide research, packaging, and marketing expertise to support the sales process. Streambank gets results.

Streambank understands the crucial role of creating the right marketing message and getting it into the hands of the right buyers. Streambank creates value. Learn more.


Streambank provides intangible asset–related consulting services through its partnerships with brand consultancies, turnaround management firms, attorneys, and finance professionals. Streambank has advised creditor committees, investors, buyers at bankruptcy auctions, and other stakeholders on value maximization strategies, as well as liquidity options.

Streambank understands that our transaction expertise can be broadly applied to many situations. Streambank creates knowledge. Learn more.


Streambank and its investment partners are looking to make acquisitions of intangible assets from consumer brands to industrial patents. Our investors are capable of moving quickly to provide the needed certainty to firms in distress and their stakeholders. Ask us today about monetizing your intangibles.

Streambank understands your need for an immediate transaction. Streambank creates liquidity. Learn more.