Streambank's intangible asset consulting services focus on the needs of companies in transition. We apply creative talent, experienced management, and rigorous analytical frameworks to each undertaking, ensuring our clients are well equipped to execute their plans.

New Equity

While Streambank focuses on transactions, we never lose sight of what maintains the intrinsic value of your intangible assets. We work with new owners to transition brands and patents to new managers, understanding that the acquisition is only the first step in the creation or extraction of value. Streambank consistently develops intangible asset management growth plans to prepare your assets for the next chapter. Our consultants are experienced brand builders and rebuilders. Their expertise covers apparel and footwear, financial services, health and beauty aids, and much more.


Streambank understands that intangible asset portfolio integration can yield positive synergies under certain circumstances. Similarly, there can be redundancies that pose direct and indirect costs on your organization. Integrating assets often involves integrating people and ideas. We work with your team to develop integration strategies, operational responsibilities, and asset management protocol for future growth. Streambank provides a working template for future acquisitions, as well as training.

Portfolio Management

Streambank understands that protecting your intangible assets is expensive. We work with clients to develop functional teams to manage patent portfolios, providing a framework for continually assessing value, identifying revenue opportunities, and weighing maintenance costs. Streambank works primarily with acquisitive firms that need to develop and implement intangible asset management guidelines to eliminate unnecessary expenditures in the process.


Whether you've recently emerged from bankruptcy or have been acquired, taking advantage of a pivotal moment in your company's history to relaunch your product in the marketplace is a great idea. Just like anniversary sales and special promotions that celebrate your longevity and loyal customers, transaction–related events can relaunch, reinspire, reinvigorate, and redefine your brand. Streambank's consultants can quickly identify the core elements of your brand assets that need to transcend into the relaunch and help you execute the start of a new chapter.